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The real balance of power

Posted in BDSM Basics with tags , , , on July 5, 2008 by bdsmfordummies


I look at my friends and acquaintances and see that the submissives I know are the more out-going group. They are also the more opinionated faction, less hesitant to speak their minds. But, according to prevailing public opinion, submissives are doormats, incapable of making a decision themselves, who are not allowed to have independent thoughts, who will not protest a direct order. Sorry to burst a bubble, but that is far from true. Continue reading

A submissives’ Creed – Author Unknown

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This is the creed of a proud submissive woman, which again i thought relevant to share with all submissives and Dom/mes alike. The woman who wrote this creed knows that true submission is in her heart and proudly gives of what she is. Once again, if anyone knows the author of this creed, please do let us know so that appropriate credit can be given to her. Continue reading