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The real balance of power

Posted in BDSM Basics with tags , , , on July 5, 2008 by bdsmfordummies


I look at my friends and acquaintances and see that the submissives I know are the more out-going group. They are also the more opinionated faction, less hesitant to speak their minds. But, according to prevailing public opinion, submissives are doormats, incapable of making a decision themselves, who are not allowed to have independent thoughts, who will not protest a direct order. Sorry to burst a bubble, but that is far from true. Continue reading

A Masters Creed – Author Unknown

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i came across this today when browsing for information for this site and it hit home to me because as i read it, it reminded me of someone very special in my life. For those that wonder whether a BDSM related relationship, be it D/s, M/s or otherwise, is at all degrading to the submissive party, then this article written by an unknown author should put that myth to rest. To me, this is the epitomy of the relationships that exist within this lifestyle and i believe it is a ‘must read’ for Dom/mes and subs alike. Continue reading