About BDSM For Dummies

This site came about through a need seen by the Owners and Operaters of the #BDSMforDummies chat room located on www.xxxchatters.com

Many new to the Lifestyle (and even the oldtimers) had questions that not all could answer. Our goal is to have a simple to follow but comprehensive information and sharing center for all that have an interest in the BDSM and D/s Community.

Within these pages, you will find definitions of commonly used terms in BDSM. Various toys and equipment of bondage and general play and their uses will be explored and explained. There is also a forum for discussion, sharing, questions and answers. Several links are provided as well, to help you in your growth within the Lifestyle.

Our fondest hope is that here, all can learn, grow and understand their own needs a bit better for what is posted by the site administrators as well as the visitors to the site. If you have any comments or suggestions that you wish to get directly to the Admins, please e-mail us at BDSMforDummies@hotmail.com or simply post in the forum. We will try to get a response to you as quickly as possible.

Please click here for mIRC scripts that will link you to the bondage.com website. From there, you can navigate to the #BDSMforDummies chat channel. SimplyEvil and FaerieDreams are recommended and the official BDSMforDummies script is coming soon.

Thank You for visiting, we hope that you enjoy your stay with us.

evil`slut & kittykat

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